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Over the last decade, SecReliant has been involved with and analyzed numerous IT security incidents and in every single case it wasn’t a lack of good detective technology in place, rather, a lack of people looking at it, analyzing it, and taking the appropriate action. Today, there are more network and endpoint security controls generating petabytes of collective log data with not enough people to analyze it than ever before. We didn’t believe the solution was to throw more technology at the problem, we believed the solution was to throw critical thinking at it — human analytic rigor.

​SecReliant believes what companies need is people who do nothing but look at and analyze different indicators of compromise and attack patterns day-in and day-out — a “think tank” of security analysts that analyze patterns and can quickly ascertain real threats buried within mountains of false positives and quickly take action. SecReliant offers this through its SIEM-as-a-Service offering where the client’s already-existing security information and event management (SIEM) is monitored, managed, and continuously tuned over time. SecReliant researches the latest threats and understands what they look like in application logs and network IDS events. We believe this is what our clients need, not more technology. So instead of creating another “me too” MSSP that recommends more technology, we’ve built a different kind of company.


SecReliant provides monitoring and management of existing network and endpoint security controls already deployed in your environment. If the technology doesn’t exist, leverage our expertise in understanding your specific needs for a SIEM solution, network or host IDS/IPS, firewall, network access control, web application firewall, or file integrity monitoring solution that aligns with your specific business needs and technology footprint — not what our Security Operations Center (SOC) uses.

Ensure round-the-clock monitoring and response coverage of your entire enterprise environment. Our SOC will monitor and manage your existing SIEM or recommend, operationalize, and continuously tune a SIEM that aligns to your exact business and operational objectives, including adoption of new network and endpoint security controls to increase visibility. ​


In our SIEM-as-a-Service offering, we provide:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring and tuning of your enterprise SIEM
  • Implementation and tuning of network and endpoint detection and response solutions
  • Implementation, monitoring, and management of enterprise SOAR and integration with the enterprise SIEM
  • Creation and management of SOAR playbooks