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The cost of lost or stolen intellectual property (IP) to the entertainment industry can cost millions of dollars. The challenge of safeguarding IP during the actual filming is even greater as the raw video is shipped to and from outside agencies and consultants, a necessary collaboration process as media is created.

Because the collaboration process is so decentralized in order to support the way creatives work, it’s difficult to maintain chain of custody as the raw film is circulated. Furthermore, because of today’s smart phone advancements, mobile phones now have the ability to record in full 4K video making it even more difficult to control IP on and off set.

SecReliant has built and managed entertainment SOCs to maintain the confidentiality of all data produced and ensuring all anti-piracy measures are enforced through authentication and authorization of all individuals and data that enters and leaves the film location.


In order to build and maintain an ESOC, encryption is implemented to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of all data. A secure vault is created to store and process all data generated as well as secure transmission of data to cloud workloads.

All of the physical drives that store data to be sent to third-party creatives is biometrically secured and tracked to ensure chain of custody no matter where the data is shipped offline. SecReliant handles all physical and data security on-prem at the filming location to ensure that both individuals and data are monitored and secured.


When building an ESOC for studios, SecReliant provides:

  • Implementation, monitoring, and management of all physical security controls
  • Biometric security is used to secure and maintain chain of custody for all data shared offline
  • All electronic data is monitored using both network and host-based security controls