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With the global cybersecurity talent shortage growing even deeper as divide between supply and demand, organizations are struggling to find the internal resources necessary to implement, manage, and monitor growing ELK stacks.

ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) is a stack that provides a powerful set of tools for searching and analyzing your data. Many organizations have dismantled their security information and event management (SIEM) solutions in favor of implementing log analytics through ELK due to the exorbitant ingest cost of traditional SIEM solutions and event fatigue caused by false positives.

When organizations deploy ELK in the cloud, whether it’s AWS, Azure, or GCP, organizations are able to start using the stack with minimal time and effort among the other compelling reasons to avoid deploying on-prem. However, deploying ELK is not a trivial task, even with pre-built packages available. Each component must be installed in a specific order, plus any add-ons separately. The installation process requires work from the command line. Despite the availability of pre-built packages, there’s still challenges with package management and dependency problems or the potential for misconfiguration. The logstash configuration itself isn’t something easily handled.


SecReliant provides implementation, ongoing management, and monitoring of ELK as a managed service. Implementation includes the installation and configure of Elasticsearch as the core engine for search and analytics, master nodes for Elastcisearch cluster management, ingestion nodes for data transformation pipelines, data nodes for storage of indexed data, client nodes as load balancers for search queries, and Kibana server implementation for the user interface for data visualization.

Logstash is implemented for data collection, transformation, and log transmission as well as Beats for data collection.

As a round-the-clock service, SecReliant installs, manages, and monitors the enterprise ELK cluster moving forward and can also tie this log analytics-as-a-service in with our MDR services to provide 24-hour response to detected threats.


Through its log analytics-as-a-service, SecReliant provides:

  • Installation, management, and monitoring of ELK, master nodes, ingestion nodes, data nodes, client nodes, and Kibana server
  • Implementation and management of Logstash
  • Implementation and management of Beats
  • Support for organizations using Graylog and Logz.io