Maritime and Aviation Security

Jets/yachts are more vulnerable than ever to cyber-attacks, particularly when they’re parked/docked.

Your aircraft/yacht is your private office-away-from-the-office, but with an important difference.  Due to the unique nature of an aircraft/yacht connectivity platforms, protecting you from cyber-attacks while traveling is a specialty mission.

Keeping you and your family, and business secure from this growing threat is less about technology — more about a comprehensive human understanding of the evolving digital landscape.

As an elite threat-mitigation firm with three decades of expertise in the field, SecReliant has developed aviation and maritime-specific cyber security services.  Its singular focus is simple, but compelling — to secure the privacy of all onboard communications – and guard the reputations of our high-profile clients.

You will have our undivided attention, our deep understanding of your particular aircraft/yacht and its systems, decades of military training and experience, and the longstanding commitment that can only come from an independent, private firm with an unbroken tradition of family ownership.


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