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High-profile individuals and families face unique challenges in today’s ever-expanding use of digital and social media. Lack of U.S. laws governing free speech online makes managing reputational risk a real concern for Americans.

As a high-profile individual, you and your family are in the spotlight more so than the average American, closely studied and do not enjoy the same level of privacy. The likelihood of being a subject of news, blogs, and threads on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on your physical characteristics and behavior is a daily-threat.

Your influence within your private circles and the community writ-large must be managed. The ability for anonymous detractors to easily spread misinformation or inaccurate content that is antithetical to your views can profit greatly and benefit from diminishing that very credibility and your personal brand through posts that today can easily go “viral.” Every individual today has the ability to be their own publisher or even news channel as a result of social media and YouTube. Anyone can have a microphone that didn’t previously exist.


While the average American is not immune to online defamation by anonymous detractors and “trolls,” high profile individuals and their families are even more so. SecReliant offers numerous services in online reputation management that monitors, manages, and responds to negative and defamatory content as well as implementing cybersecurity controls in their personal lives and residences by monitoring for new domain registrations, monitoring the deep web for specific keywords associated to you, looking for accusatory or subjective blog posts and posts on social media, and ensuring new and positive content is posted online to maintain a positive online reputation to overwhelm negative content.


The portfolio of reputation services SecReliant offers include:

  • Helping to identify and mitigate online information about you and your family
  • Analysis of current content available online affecting your brand/reputation
  • Assessment of the tone of that content and the credibility of content sources
  • Evaluation of the availability of your personally identifiable information (PII) that might affect the safety and security of you and your family
  • Monitoring for new defamatory content posted to the web and social media that negatively impacts you and your family’s reputation/brand

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